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We have so many to choose from, let us guide you to the exact right match. Because, hey, this is kind of our thing.

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take the quiz!

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Our Limited Editions

Our frame and mat pairings are Limited Edition runs, which means that we only run them for a set quantity and when they are done, they're done! After that, we choose a different round of beautiful combinations.

Our silhouettes are a remarkable match to the lovable profile you know in real life. We frame with museum quality materials and float each silhouette to create a natural drop shadow effect. 

we wanted to give you a beautiful silhouette that really looks like your kiddo.

We worked hard on this one for you: teeny tiny cuts that show hair tendrils, eye lashes, bows and bowties. Art is great, but art with a flourish is better. All of our silhouettes are floated off the linen under mat to create a gorgeous natural shadow so that all of the tiny details we have worked so hard on really sing.

The Right Details

Tiny Details - Floated

eensy teensy cutouts

Materials really count when it comes to framing. We finish your frame with top tier museum glass and archival materials so that your silhouette will last.

Museum Materials

small batch framing

Our mouldings are handmade to order by frame artistans. We love them!

Fabulous Frames

Frames that sing

We have all of 'em

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Our silhouette artist is ready for your cutest profiles. Choose your favorite frame and mat combo, send us a photo via email and we'll do the rest.



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