Those adorable noses change every single year.

We're going to go big here in order to grab some attention. 

It's true. Time goes so fast, especially in the 'littles' years. We love these silhouettes so much because they are so incredibly true to life. Remember your babe just as they are exactly now, the cutest and the best nose you know!

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an heirloom for you & them

Lifelike cameos made to last over 100 years 

You've shopped all the silhouette artists and while they are beautiful, you've noticed that the profiles aren't exactly like the kid in question. 

Enter our silhouette artist and framing team! When you get your silhouette back, you'll notice a remarkable match to the profile you know in real life, framed with museum quality framing, crafted to last 100 years.

we wanted to give you a beautiful silhouette that really looks like your kiddo.

in search of 

An Adorable Gift 
To Moi-Self

Of course we love to gift these silhouettes, but we find that most of our clients are ready to hang them at home as soon as they get them ... even if the intent was grandmother's wall. Be prepared to absolutely adore your silhouette!!

We worked hard on this one for you: teeny tiny cuts that show hair tendrils, eye lashes, bows and bowties. Art is great, but art with a flourish is better.

All of our silhouettes are floated off the linen under mat to create a gorgeous natural shadow so that all of the tiny details we have worked so hard on really sing.

Ours Are The Absolute Best

Incredible, Tiny Details

The magic float

eensy teensy cutouts

it's the same nose, for sure!

Materials really count when it comes to framing. We finish your frame with top tier museum glass and archival materials so that your silhouette will last.

Museum Materials

small batch framing

Frames are kind of what we do around here, so we've selected super classic mouldings that are both timeless and updated. 

Modern Classic Styling

Frames that sing

there are many look alikes but 

The New School Portrait

Our silhouettes are an incredible way to document how your little is changing year by year.  Why not build a wall collection over time that melts your heart? Start this year and continue with a grid or an eclectic gallery. Little profiles change so much over time and seeing them grow is just about the best thing ever!

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Our Silhouettes come in pink, blue, white & black and pair nicely with our mats and mouldings.

choose a mat & Moulding

We offer three linen mat choices which each look lovely with all of our classic mouldings.

send in your profile photo

Use our handy guide to take a few profile photos of your child or pet and email them to us so our artist can get to work.

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Our silhouette artist is ready for your cutest profiles. Choose your favorite frame and mat combo, send us a photo via email and we'll do the rest.

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