Let's get you reacquainted with your photos

There are several ways we can help you get your photos out of your files and onto your wall.


HERE'S WHY we CAN HELP with that

We are experts

As far as we know, we are the only firm that is a one stop shop in this arena. We bring veteran photographers, top-notch designers and expert framers together. With 20+ years of experience in both framing and photography, we created a new niche: "Family Wall Curation".
With 20+ years of experience in framing and photography, we are solving a new problem with tried and true skills.

We are solving a very new problem with our 20+ years
of industry experience.

what we can do for you:

Concierge Framing

We start with your interior colors and the measurements of your wall space. Then, we design to those specs. 

Full Gallery Design

We work with many clients on an on-going basis to create small vignettes or solo pieces around their home.

Family Art Curation

We help you find commissionable artists for original artwork for your home.



It just makes sense

We have heard it a thousand times: One of our clients has beautifully framed photos of the people they love the most ... but they don't match the room they are hanging in. Enter, the first ever concierge framing service! We see your walls and measure your space FIRST so that everything goes with everything.

INCLUDES full installation

we use only glare-free museum glass

we coordinate with your interior design

Curation & Editing

You've got great photos ... somewhere.

Most of our clients love their photos ... it's just that they haven't seen them in a while, like, say ... 10 years or more. Between digital files, shoeboxes of prints, a stack of kiddo artwork and a corner devoted to amazing little finds at artist markets, it's a big project to even sort them.

we help cull through existing photos

we'll advise on where they should hang

we can re-edit everyday photos to make them shine


Want to get started on a wall this year?

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Most of our clients tell us that they hesitated to call or email us because they felt that they had to "do their homework" before they got in touch. 

We are here to tell you that your only job is to put everything you know of on the kitchen table: prints, USBs, CDs, logins to galleries and streams. That's it! 

We'll take it from there!

get in touch

“For years I had been wanting to do a gallery wall on my own. However, I always got stuck making decisions. Lo&Behold made it so easy and the finished product brings me so much joy every day. It is such a worthy investment.”


The French 75 Promise

What Makes Us Different

We are the only custom concierge framer we know. And, we throw in photo stream curation and family photography to round out our offerings so that you have a one stop shop for getting beautiful memories onto your walls.

We get you. we've been there. we can help.


It’s never too late
to create your
family gallery
to enjoy this year
at home.

let's work together

Get On the List

It's just that easy. Throughout the year, we host photography events, publish our work and talk about people we love over email. 

We love to show & tell!

Let's keep talking about
pretty stuff!


We love to share everything we do! From framing inspiration to what we are up to on the weekend.