All about laughs

Calm and peaceful or full of funny jokes - the kids decide!

Our school sessions are child led so that each child's personality can shine. 


short and sweet

Two Minutes

Sessions are very short and full of laughs so that it's a fun day!

easy for everyone

Online Delivery

We deliver images online and parents order via their gallery. After picture day, school administrators can sit back and relax.


as an added perk

Complimentary Teacher Headshots

Refresh your website staff photos on picture day. It's a lot of fun and extra quick so that teachers can get back to classrooms.

yay for awesome!

Get On the List

It's just that easy. Throughout the year, we host photography events, publish our work and talk about people we love over email. 

We love to show & tell!

Let's keep talking about
pretty stuff!


We love to share everything we do! From framing inspiration to what we are up to on the weekend.