Hi there! I’m Kate, a photographer who is passionate about prints.

I started Lo & Behold because, as a family photographer, I encouraged my clients to enjoy their photos in person, versus buying digitals and storing them. But, I kept hearing the same things from parents: "We would love to get all of our photos printed and framed. But, we don't have time!" 

Kate, Founder + Photographer
Lo & Behold


I thought it might be awesome to help people get photos from phones, shoeboxes and storage to their walls.

All of my parent clients said the same thing: we love our professional photos AND our phone photos because that is where all our memories are! I knew my job had to involve both curation of those gigantic photo streams and old shoeboxes and not just framing and installation. So, I decided to start a company that would do both.

yay for awesome!

Then I realized: most frame shops never see the walls their pieces will hang on.

Eventually, came my light bulb moment: When my clients framed pieces in the past, it was in the vacuum of a frame shop. The person helping them frame had never seen their home.

But I had.

I was the one seeing what colors they chose for their spaces. Many of my clients had artwork and photography framed and hanging but, sadly, it didn't match their style. 

The solution was easy: I would hire my own framers and gallery designers and we would help our clients choose framing that would work absolutely seamlessly with their rooms.

Our team - framers, designers and photographers - does exactly that. We are creating for your home. We start with the space and then we shoot, design and frame. It's a recipe that works like magic! 

Everything we create is completely custom.

Hetty, Coordinator/Photog

Maddie, Gallery Designer

Anne, Framer

Kristin, Framer

Our Team


Kate is the founder of Lo & Behold. She's a veteran family photographer who has served many busy moms through the years. She hopes to be known for making the process of framing family photos a breeze.




Our museum quality framing glass is glare free and UV resistant.


We do most of our meetings in your home to make it easy for you to schedule.


We regularly handle photo streams of 100,000 photos.


We are an all female team.

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