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May 3, 2023

Lo & Behold
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Candler Park | Atlanta, GA


A collection of personal travel photography and collected works.

Emily wanted to delve deep into past years of travel photos and mix these with her growing collection of original artwork. We worked with her to source one iconic shot from each of her favorite travel destinations and grouped the gallery around a Frame TV so that it would blend seamlessly into her home’s living space. We chose sustainable wood frames in a variety of organic finishes to complement the variety of nature-centric locations. Her new gallery wall is full of adventure, very personal moments and hand-picked pieces from artists she loves.


“Just a few weeks before Lo & Behold installed my gallery, I had an injury which left me on the couch directly facing my new wall. I didn’t expect this to be so profound, but being injured and grounded, looking up at this wall of rich experiences that I have had and art that I have created and collected helped reframe my relationship with enoughness. 

In life, especially with technology, there’s so much stimulation — it often feels like you should be doing more all the time. This wall has been a teacher, showing me that I can access this depth — and the joy of true appreciation — by taking the time to reflect and savor my experiences. By celebrating them fully instead of looking for the next thing. 

The combination of pieces — my own work, alongside the work of people I love and artists I’ve discovered — has allowed me to fully express myself. It feels like looking in a time capsule across space and time. It’s allowed me to really see myself and share myself with others that come into my home, which has become a practice of self-love and gratitude 

I now think about curating my life experiences, the relationships I invest in, what I surround myself with at home. The act of slowing down to focus and to edit my life has been a reclamation of my time and energy. Now, my need to explore and expand, to find my next new frontier as an artist, traveler, writer and entrepreneur is balanced with the act of savoring and treasuring each moment of my life. Looking at my wall, I now see my life as a work of art. I have Lo & Behold to thank for that.”


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