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April 14, 2023

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All moms have that stack of artwork somewhere in their home, growing by the week. Here’s a quick four points on how to cull through and decide what to keep and what to toss. We work with many clients who either make full galleries out of kids artwork or mix the artwork in with other objects and photographs for eclectic collections of meaningful frames.

If it makes you laugh, keep it

Our first round of culling through kids artwork is usually to pull all the hilarious ones out of the stack. These are definitely “keepers” because they will keep you laughing through the years and give you fun conversation topics with guests.

Abstract Is Great

Abstract artwork – especially those “early works” from preschool, which are not necessarily representational – work exceptionally well in framing. In our experience, these usually illicit a double take from guests as they realize that the great colors and shapes they are looking at on the wall are three year old doodles. Our museum glass, high quality frames and beautiful mats elevate kids work in such a way that it’s easy to mistake it for “real” art.

Accomplishments Deserve Recognition

Many of our parents have kept artwork that represents an artistic milestone for their kiddo – whether it was a first still life or something really amazing looking that a fabulous art teacher at school helped them produce. We love these pieces because kids can look back on what they have accomplished through the years.

The Toss

If it’s hard to say goodbye to artwork that isn’t going to make it on your wall and that you don’t want to file away, we highly recommend snapping a photo of it and incorporating it either into an Artwork Album for the year or into your Annual Family Photos album. It’s a fun way to document without things piling up!

Some recent gallery choices from our client kids artwork

Ready to work on your own gallery? Send us a line and let’s talk deets!

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